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Romans 6:1-11 Expo + Q&A

Paul implores believers to live dead to sin & alive to God

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Lecture Aim: By faith we’re united to Christ & freed from enslaving sin


1. Died to Sin (6:1-4a)

Principle 1: Unregenerate men abuse grace

2. Alived to Christ (6:4b-11)

Principle 2: By faith we’ve died to sin & made new and alive in Christ

November 24th, 2017 at 9:46 am

Dave: My wife and I regularly listen to the Podcast of your lecture and Q and A. It is so good to be able to listen, stop, reflect and replay if necessary. My wife commented today that she feels blessed in hearing two lectures – one from Linda on Monday night and then when we listen to you. I had an old college professor whose favorite saying was “Repetition is the key to learning”. The Apostle Paul did this and we hear that and experience it in your lecture. Thank you, Dave, for your faithfulness. Keep on truckin’! Mike G

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