Romans 6:1-11 Expo + Q&A

Paul implores believers to live dead to sin & alive to God Lecture Aim: By faith we’re united to Christ & freed from enslaving sin   1. Died to Sin (6:1-4a) Principle 1: Unregenerate men abuse grace 2. Alived to Christ (6:4b-11) Principle 2: By faith we’ve died to sin & made new and alive

21 Nov 2017

Romans 5:12-21 Expo + Q&A

Paul contrasts death in Adam with eternal life in Christ Lecture Aim: In Adam you’ll die but in Christ you’ll live   1. Reign of Death (5:12-14) Principle 1: You were born worthy of death 2. Imputation (5:15-19) Principle 2: Imputation means don’t have to die in Adam 3. Reign of Grace (5:20-21) Principle 3:

14 Nov 2017

Romans 5:1-11 Expo + Q&A

Josh walks us thru what it means to be at peace with God Lecture Aim: God’s love for believers is so deep and passionate, that NO ONE can or will duplicate it   1. Peace with God (5:1-2) Principle 1: People are never at peace with God until He justifies them 2. Glory in Suffering

08 Nov 2017

Romans 4 Expo + Q&A

Paul proves justification by faith alone from the Old Testament Lecture Aim: God’s requirement of righteousness comes by faith in Christ alone   1. Faith vs. Works (4:1-8) Principle 1: God forgives sin apart from works 2. Religious Rituals (4:9-17) Principle 2: God forgives sin apart from religious rituals 3. God of Grace (4:18-25) Principle

01 Nov 2017

Romans 3:27-31 Exposition+Q&A

Paul teaches implications of being justified by faith alone Lecture Aim: Salvation is all about God’s glory   1. No boasting! (3:27-28) Principle 1: Faith in Christ alone magnifies Grace 2. No racism! (3:29-30) Principle 2: Faith in Christ alone removes division 3. No hedonism! (3:31) Principle 3: JFaith in Christ alone empowers obedience

23 Oct 2017

Romans 3:21-26 Exposition+Q&A

Paul unveils the cure for our hopeless unrighteousness Lecture Aim: By the cross God rightly forgives sinners   1. Sinners Justified (3:21-25a) Principle 1: Only CHRIST’S righteousness satisfies God 2. God Justified (3:25b-26) Principle 2: Jesus absorbed ALL wrath of those who trust Him

17 Oct 2017

Romans 3:1-20 WrapUp + Q&A

Paul hammers the final nail in the coffin of our self-righteousness Lecture Aim: Our condemnation is just!   1. God’s Judgement Questioned (3:1-8) Principle 1: In spite of God’s blessings we sin profusely 2. Total Wretchedness of Man (3:9-20) Principle 2: No one is remotely good but God

11 Oct 2017

Romans 2 WrapUp

Paul indicts the self-righteous, the “religious”, the moralists Lecture Aim: Religion can’t save you from the wrath of God   1. The Impartial Judge (2:1-11) Principle 1: Neither ancestry or moralism can save us from God’s righteous judgment 2. God’s Perfect Standard (2:12-24) Principle 2: God will judge men with or without Bible knowledge 3.

03 Oct 2017

Romans 1:18-32

Paul proves God’s wrath is justified against the entire human race Lecture Aim: Everyone everywhere is worthy of hell   1. Truth Suppressors (1:18-23) Principle 1: We’re all born maliciously despising God 2. Depravity Embracers (1:24-32) Principle 2: Left alone we all grow in our love of sin & hatred of God

27 Sep 2017

Romans 1:1-17

Paul opens his letter extolling the transformational Gospel of God Lecture Aim: The Gospel changes everything   1. Paul’s Opening (1:1-7) Principle 1: The gospel demands & empowers Christ-glorifying obedience 2. God’s Gospel (1:8-17) Principle 2: Universe-creating power is in the gospel

19 Sep 2017
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