The “Humblebrag”

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.” In Matthew 6 we look at the Pharisees and their sidekick Scribes do almost laughable things: sound a trumpet when they donate $$ look for applause when they

24 Oct 2013

Matthew Chapter 5:17-48

Lecture Aim:  King Jesus fulfills the perfection required by God’s holy law. Outline: 1. The King & God’s Law (5:17-20) 2. The King’s Law (5:21-47) 3. The King’s Requirement (5:48)

21 Oct 2013

NW Metro Women’s Class Info – Updated 10/27/2013

[Updated!! See the latest Presentation schedule below]   Great news for the lady folk in the NW suburbs — there’s a women’s evening class coming to our area! But the thing they need right now is, well… ladies! But how to get them? Read on….   The BSF way for a new class startup is to hold

18 Oct 2013

Matthew Chapter 5:1-16

Lecture Aim:  The Kingdom man is he whom God has turned the lights on. Outline: 1. The King’s Sermon (5:1-3) 2. The King’s Man (5:4-12) 3. The King’s Decree (5:13-16)

14 Oct 2013

Ladies’ Pilot Facebook Page

Send the lady folk you know here for latest updates on the new class…. https://www.facebook.com/bsfnwmetro  

14 Oct 2013

Matthew Chapter 4

Lecture Aim:  King Messiah reverses the curse of sin for those in his Kingdom. Outline: 1. The King’s Combat (4:1-11) 2. The King’s Command (4:12-17) 3. The King’s Commission (4:18-25)

07 Oct 2013

BSF School Program Levels

What a difference I’ve seen BSF make in the lives of kids over the years. This is exactly why there’s no better place for my three daughters than in BSF every Monday evening. Have you ever wondered what the different levels are for students in the BSF School Program? Ideally, and certainly in larger BSF classes,

01 Oct 2013

Matthew Chapter 3

Lecture Aim:  Religion alone will damn you. Jesus alone will save you. Outline: 1. The King’s Herald (3:1-6) 2. The King’s Wrath (3:7-12) 3. The King’s Identification (3:13-17)

30 Sep 2013

Matthew Chapter 2

Matthew 2 Lecture Aim: One greater than Moses has come to rescue more than only Israelites Outline: The King Recognized (Mat 2:1-12) The King Persecuted (Mat 2:13-18) The King Returns (Mat 2:19-23)

23 Sep 2013

How to criticize a preacher (or Teaching Leader!)

A helpful article from Dr. David Murray – a pastor and seminary professor… So you’ve heard a sermon and you’re not happy. You feel the preacher got it badly wrong in either his interpretation, his words, his manner, his length, his whatever. What now? http://headhearthand.org/blog/2013/09/05/how-to-criticize-a-preacher/  

17 Sep 2013
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