Happy New Year everyone! The new year has ushered in some truly arctic air & many of you are wondering whether we’re still going to have class tomorrow night. After all, the Governor has cancelled all public school classes for Monday, the ladies’ BSF classes for Monday seem to all be canceled, etc. Some men’s

05 Jan 2014

Matthew 13 Part 1

Lecture Aim: God’s Word exposes and separates people according to their heart Outline: 1. The King’s Cryptology (13:1-17) 2. The King’s Intelligence (13:18-23) 3. The King’s Counterintelligence (13:24-30, 36-43) Principle #1: God uses the proclamation of Christ both to judge & to save. Principle #2: True believers will persevere & bear fruit. Principle #3: Many professing

09 Dec 2013

Matthew Chapters 11-12

Lecture Aim: There’s no middle ground with Jesus – you humbly come or you proudly reject Outline: 1. The King’s Assurance 11:1-19 2. The King’s Condemnation 11:20-30 3. The King’s Sabbath 12:1-21 4. The King’s Ultimatum 12:22-50 Principle #1: God answers honest doubts with His Word. Principle #2: A “non-response” to Jesus is a damnable

02 Dec 2013

Matthew Chapter 10

Lecture Aim: Following Jesus will cost you the world but guarantees eternal rewards Outline: 1.The King’s Call (9:35-10:4) 2.The King’s Commission (10:5-10:15) 3.The King’s Cost (10:16-10:42) Principle #1: Jesus equips those He calls. Principle #2: The disciple’s job is to share the truth & leave the rest to God. Principle #3: Following Christ will cost

25 Nov 2013

Get Well Tim!

From the whole class….

22 Nov 2013

Matthew Chapter 9

Lecture Aim:  Jesus came to restore His people to true life Outline: 1. The King’s Prerogative (9:1-8) 2. The King’s Company (9:9-17) 3. The King’s Enemies (9:18-34)   Principle #1: Our greatest need: true life that starts with the forgiveness of sins. Principle #2: Jesus transforms hearts of sinners to true life WHICH IS following Him. Principle #3: True

18 Nov 2013

Gospel Seminar Canceled

Hi folks, I’m sorry to report Tim’s injuries are more extensive than I was first told. Thankfully his wife told me today he’s going to be ok but it’s clear Tim will be in no shape to lead the seminar scheduled for Nov. 18th. We hope to get this great seminar rescheduled when Tim’s feeling

12 Nov 2013

Matthew Chapter 8

Lecture Aim: The authority of Jesus demands a response.1. The King’s Authority (8:1-17)2. The King’s Supremacy (8:18-22)3. The King’s Power (8:23-27)4. The King’s Rejection (8:28-34)Principle #1: The authority of Christ will rescue the humble from the disease of sin.Principle #2: Submitting to the authority of Christ comes with a cost.Principle #3: Experiencing the authority of

11 Nov 2013

NW Metro Women’s Class Info-Updated!

[Updated!! See the latest Presentation schedule below]   Great news for the lady folk in the NW suburbs — there’s a women’s evening class coming to our area! But the thing they need right now is, well… ladies! But how to get them? Read on….   The BSF way for a new class startup is

06 Nov 2013

Matthew Chapter 7

Lecture Aim:  King Jesus orders a wartime mindset against legalism & license. Outline: 1. The King’s Enemies (7:1-6) 2. The King’s Provision (7:7-12) 3. The King’s Warnings (7:13-28)

04 Nov 2013
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