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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does this cost?
    • Nuthin’. Any donations voluntarily given help offset the costs like printing lessons, shipping, etc.
  • When does the class meet?
    • Main Class: Most Monday nights, 7-8:50pm, from September through April
    • Check the Class Calendar for specifics!
    • St. Cloud: on most Tuesday nights, 7-8:50pm, from September through April
  • Can I join the class after it has already started?
    • Absolutely. Guys join all the time
  • What are you studying right now?
    • For 2015-2016 we are studying the Book of Revelation
  • Is BSF a cult?
    • Uh.. no.
  • Is BSF a church?
    • Nope. But BSF classes always meet in a church (various denominations)
  • Isn’t BSF that group that has all these mean rules?
    • BSF has changed enormously in the last 10 years. Want proof? Come to this class & see for yersef.
  • Where does this class meet?
  • Who can come?
    • Since this is a men’s class, any guy 18 or over
    • The class has an amazing school program where girls & boys grades 1-12 learn along with their dads, grandfathers, and neighbors
  • I don’t even go to church. Can I come?
    • Absolutely.
  • I have gaged ears & tats everywhere. How about me?
    • Rock on. C’mon down.
  • I enjoy fighting with Christians every opportunity I get. Me?
  • Where can I find even more info on BSF, like women’s classes?
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