John 15-16:4

Jesus implores remaining in Him, bearing fruit under persecution Lecture Aim: A real Christian WILL become more Christlike   1. The True Vine (15:1-17) Principle 1: …More like Christ in character (no fruit = no faith) 2. The World’s Scorn (15:18-25) Principle 2: …More rejected by the world (woe when all speak well of you)

21 Feb 2017

John 14:15-31

Jesus promises the Holy Spirit and unworldly peace Lecture Aim: You can’t love Jesus but not obey Him   1. Another Advocate (14:15-21) Principle 1: The Spirit transforms men to desire obeying Jesus 2. Another Teacher (14:22-26) Principle 2: You can’t love Christ & not love His word 3. Another Peacemaker (14:27-31) Principle 3: For

14 Feb 2017

John 13:31 – 14:14

Jesus announces His departure & gives reasons for hope Lecture Aim: Our purpose is to glorify Jesus wherever He puts us   1. Max Glory Now (13:31-38) Principle 1: We glorify Jesus as we trust in His cross & sacrificially serve 2. The Promised Return (14:1-11) Principle 2: We glorify Jesus as we fight anxieties

07 Feb 2017

John 13:1-30

Jesus washes disciple’s feet triggering Judas’ betrayal Lecture Aim: Without Christ-like humility there’s only hell   1. God Becomes Slave (13:1-5) Principle 1: Without Christ’s humility-unto-death ALL of us are hell bound 2. Clean & Unclean (13:6-17) Principle 2: Without a life of confession & repentance we have no part in Christ 3. Devil’s Work

31 Jan 2017

John 12

Jesus hailed Messiah entering Jerusalem giving final public words Lecture Aim: The saved want Jesus glorified more than ANYTHING   1. Costly Worship (12:1-11) Principle 1: The saved want Jesus glorified more than money 2. Disingenuous Praise (12:12-36) Principle 2: The saved want Jesus glorified more than social approval 3. Hardened Unbelief (12:37-50) Principle 3:

25 Jan 2017

John 11

Jesus resurrects Lazarus triggering the Sanhedrin’s conspiracy Lecture Aim: The highest love of God brings a man to savor the glory of Jesus   1. Delaying (11:1-16) Principle 1: God loves more by revealing His glory than granting relief 2. Questioning (11:17-44) Principle 2: Suffering prepares us to see & savor the glory of Christ

17 Jan 2017

What’s This Podcasting Business?

      The podcast mentioned in the last blog post is now live! Wait, what is podcasting?? There are scads of free podcasting apps for your smartphone. The latest versions of iOS (Apple phones) and Android have podcast apps pre-installed – “Podcasts” for iOS and many free apps for Android (like “Podbean” or “Podcast

12 Jan 2017

HQ “Lab Rat” Changes Announcement

BSF Headquarters is experimenting with us again. Check it out!!   If you have any questions please ask them below.

10 Jan 2017

John 10

Jesus reveals Himself as the good, true, divine Shepherd Lecture Aim: Jesus can’t fail to save His “sheep” from wrath to abundant life   1. The Gatekeeper (10:1-10) Principle 1: “Sheep” respond to God’s word in humble obedience 2. The Dying Shepherd (10:11-21) Principle 2: “Sheep” see their desperate need of Jesus’ cross 3. The

09 Jan 2017

John 9

Jesus heals a blind man & opens his spiritual eyes Lecture Aim: The “seeing” value Jesus more than anything   1. No Longer Blind (9:1-12) Principle 1: Jesus opens the eyes of the humble to treasure Him 2. Proudly Blind (9:13-34) Principle 2: The “seeing” willingly suffer the hatred of Jesus 3. Forever Blind (9:35-41)

13 Dec 2016
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