Romans 12 9-21 Expo + Q&A

Paul expands on God’s expectation to use His gifts   Lecture Aim: The Christian’s duty is to love unhypocritically   1. Sincere Love (9-11) Principle 1: Love honors truth while serving others 2. Faithful Love (12-16) Principle 2: Love fights pride while enduring hardships 3. Christlike Love (17-21) Principle 3: Love trusts God to deal

16 Mar 2018

Romans 12:3-8 Expo + Q&A

Paul expands on God’s expectation to use His gifts   Lecture Aim: God expects glory by service   1. Self Esteem (12:3) Principle 1: Glorifying God necessitates humility 2. One Body (12:4-5) Principle 2: Glorifying God requires teamwork 3. Different Gifts (12:6-8) Principle 3: Glorifying God continues by utilizing YOUR gift    

07 Mar 2018

Bible Study Tonight is CANCELLED!

Due to dire warnings of Snowmageddon and the fact that every school and other BSF classes in the area have all canceled tonight, we will do the same thing. So the Roger’s Men’s class is canceled for Monday March 5, 2018. HOWEVER…. I’m encouraging your Group Leaders to still lead discussion through slack. If you

05 Mar 2018

Romans 12:1-2 Expo + Q&A

Paul brings God’s expectation of those now saved by grace   Lecture Aim: God’s mercy changes everything   1. Real Worship (12:1) Principle 1: Real worship causes real living 2. Real Change (12:2) Principle 2: Knowing God’s will requires knowing His worth

28 Feb 2018

Romans 11:33-36 Expo + Q&A

Paul bursts forth into praise at the sovereignty & wisdom of God   Lecture Aim: When you consider who God is and understand what He has done, the only fitting response is a doxology!   1. God’s Wisdom (11:33) Principle 1: God can never be fully known, yet he is knowable through the Bible 2.

22 Feb 2018

Romans 11:1-32 Expo + Q&A

Israel’s rejection of God’s Word is nothing new   Lecture Aim: Salvation in Christ is irrevocable   1. The Religious Damned (11:1-10) Principle 1: Apostates were never saved 2. The Unreligious Saved (11:11-24) Principle 2: Jewish rejection of Jesus is by design but not forever

13 Feb 2018

Romans 10:14-21 Expo + Q&A

Israel’s rejection of God’s Word is nothing new   Lecture Aim: God always uses the Gospel to create faith in Christ   1. Beautiful Feet (10:14-15) Principle 1: Gospel-free preaching saves nobody 2. Stubborn Hearts (10:16-21) Principle 2: Preaching God’s word is necessary but not sufficient

07 Feb 2018

Romans 9:30 – 10:13 Expo + Q&A

Paul addresses Israel’s unbelief & attributes of the elect   Lecture Aim: You can know with certainty you’re among God’s elect   1. Wrong Righteousness (9:30-33) Principle 1: The elect abandon self-righteousness 2. Wrong Zeal (10:1-7) Principle 2: The elect come to see their ONLY hope is Christ 3. Right Gospel (10:8-13) Principle 3: The

30 Jan 2018

Romans 9:1-29 Expo + Q&A

Paul champions the freedom of God to save His elect   Lecture Aim: God is sovereign over EVERYTHING including our salvation   1. Anguish for Israel (9:1-6) Principle 1: God hasn’t failed when spiritually advantaged people reject Jesus 2. Sovereign Grace (9:7-18) Principle 2: Salvation is all of God, from start to finish 3. Election’s

23 Jan 2018

Romans 8:28-39 Expo + Q&A

Paul reveals the staggering sovereign grace of God to save His elect   Lecture Aim: Absolutely nothing will stop God from saving His people   1. God’s Sovereign Choice (28-30) Principle 1: You are never more saved than you are right now 2. Our Foreordained Victory (31-37) Principle 2: Jesus won’t allow anything to crush

16 Jan 2018
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