John 4:31-54

Jesus “harvests” Samaritans and remotely heals an official’s son Lecture Aim: Gospel work satisfies like nothing else   1. Soul Food (4:31-38) Principle 1: Gospel work sustains the true disciple 2. Samaritan Harvest (4:39-42) Principle 2: The more you encounter Christ the more epic He becomes 3. Sovereign Miracle (4:43-54) Principle 3: When you take

24 Oct 2016

John 4:1-30

Jesus offers Samaritan woman living water who proclaims Messiah found Lecture Aim: Jesus alone satisfies the epic desires & needs of our soul   1. Water (4:1-15) Principle 1: Jesus relentlessly pursues sinners to rescue from guilt & shame 2. Worship (4:16-26) Principle 2: Only Christ-centered Spirit-fueled worship pleases God & satisfies man 3. Witness

17 Oct 2016

John 3

Jesus teaches Nick and JtB proclaims the supremacy of Christ Lecture Aim: Men looking to Christ in faith have been reborn to new/eternal life   1. New Thinking (3:1-15) Principle 1: We don’t need new religion – we need new life 2. New Destiny (3:16-21) Principle 2: We don’t just need an escape from hell

10 Oct 2016

John 2

Jesus miraculously supplies wine & clears the temple courts Lecture Aim: Jesus transforms everything for His people’s joy in Him   1. The Wine (2:1-12) Principle 1: Jesus not only saves from guilt/shame/wrath but rescues to joy 2. The Whip (2:13-17) Principle 2: Jesus destroys that which deny His people joy 3. The Response (2:18-25)

03 Oct 2016

John 1:19-51

John the Baptist reveals Jesus as the Lamb of God Lecture Aim: In Christ we have a completely new identity   1. I Am Not (1:19-28) Principle 1: In Christ our message is: I’m not worthy but Jesus is 2. He is: The Lamb (1:29-34) Principle 2: In Christ our hope is: Jesus my substitute

26 Sep 2016

John 1:1-18

John begins his gospel with a stunning prologue Lecture Aim: Jesus is God & our only hope of eternal life   The Gospel According to John 1. The Word (John 1:1-5) Principle 1: There’s no lasting satisfaction outside a life lived for Jesus Christ 2. The Witness (John 1:6-8) Principle 2: Jesus always uses a

19 Sep 2016

John Intro

An intro to who John was & why he wrote Lecture Aim: The man who takes God’s word to heart matures to Christ-likeness   The Gospel According to John 1. What is Scripture? Principle 1: God’s word is inerrant, authoritative & sufficient for all of life 2. Who Was John? Principle 2: God uses ordinary men

12 Sep 2016

Revelation 22:6-21

Jesus concludes the Revelation with warnings & promises to overcomers Lecture Aim: Overcomers PERSEVERE by envisioning the second coming of Jesus Christ   The Second Coming: 1. The What (Rev 22:6-7) Principle 1: Overcomers PRIORITIZE the spectacular return of the King 2. The When (Rev 22:8-11) Principle 2: Overcomers live knowing Jesus’ return is IMMINENT

02 May 2016

Revelation: Heaven

We pause for a week to examine what Scripture teaches us of Heaven Lecture Aim: The most heavenly-minded are the MOST earthly good   1. Misperceptions of Heaven Principle 1: The great joy of heaven is Christ Himself 2. Hope of Heaven Principle 2: Heaven is our best life THEN 3. Life Before Heaven Principle

26 Apr 2016

Revelation 21:9 – 22:5

John sees New Jerusalem descend & the river of life within Lecture Aim: Envisioning our union with God NOW ensures we’ll enjoy it forever   The New Jerusalem: 1. What’s There (21:9-21) Principle 1: Jesus makes His people beautiful to the Father 2. What’s Missing (21:22-27) Principle 2: When we focus on the majesty of

18 Apr 2016
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